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Best Yoga Retreats In India

The Golden Valley

Best Yoga Retreats In India

Located at Sikkim’s capital Gangtok, The Golden Valleys offers everything from meditation to yoga retreats! With comfortable hotel accommodation and a wealth of activities, this is an ideal base for exploring the beauty of Sikkim.

The Rajiv Gandhi Himalayan Institute (RGHilli) runs several-day introspective experiences such as ‘Flow Meditations In Nature’ and ‘Chanting Creations’ each year. These are designed for participants with no previous exposure to yoga and provide an introduction to the wide range of styles found within the Iyengar tradition.

Accommodation is simple but clean. An experienced staff members will take good care of your needs. There are yoga lessons throughout the day, any sort of exercise during the afternoon or evening entertainment programs. All meals are also included, so you can focus on practicing yoga and getting back home after classes were finished for the day.

In the evenings enjoy the pleasant weather and company of others while taking a walk around the property or having some drinks and foods served outside.

Visit the local monastery and learn about their unique style of chanting and pray if you feel like it. Go fishing or have a picnic under the stars. Visit the nearby town or just stay where you are and relax.

There are over 300 days of sunshine here so pack your sunblock and sunglasses and go outdoors! A regular flight into Pakistn Airport connects you

Canyon Ranch

What makes this retreat center unique is that it has no age limit. You can bring your kids here to try yoga for fitness, peace of mind, reduced stress, and increased wellness.

This top-notch facility offers personal training, group classes, and community events. Parents will feel right at home staying here. This is also a great option if you need complete isolation from family or friends.

Canyon Ranch is known for being one of the best resorts in Texas -- very well put together with a wide variety of programs.

You can choose between indoor and outdoor activities, as well as therapeutic workshops for parents. There are even storytelling evenings to entertain guests more.

The resort focuses on eco-friendliness, including using reusable towels and cups. They encourage keeping room noise below 30 decibels, which means you can sleep while listening to people talk around the corner.

Cuisine wise, they serve Indian food, but also have meals from other countries. To keep things fresh, there’s also a rotating menu of international dishes.

They offer weekday discounts and kid’s menus to make life easier for families. With service inspired by Asia and the Middle East, grab a drink from the bar or head down to the restaurant garden for dinner.

The Balsai Spa

Best Yoga Retreats In India

Located in the heart of Uttarakhand’s Ranital Valley, The Balsai Spa is an earth-friendly eco retreat offering everything from meditation classes to yoga as well as beauty treatments.

Set against the backdrop of the Himalayas, this rustic retreat offers quite a few things to do, including hiking, skiing and most importantly, relaxing.

During your stay at The Balsai Spa you can choose between doing yoga at your accommodation or going back to the resort for your lessons.

The spa itself is situated within the Eco Village, so if you want to relax with a view, this could be the place for you.

There are different massage therapies available, such as swedish massages, ayurveda treatments and mud packs.

If you feel like eating something throughout your lesson, there are menus listed outside the wash room that include pakora (an Indian snack), baked beans and sev (which is similar to omelette).

Shruti Wellness

Best Yoga Retreats In India

Located in the northern state of Uttarakhand, Shruti is one of the best yoga retreat centers in the world. The landscape here is spectacular; it's mountainous yet smooth at the same time. Many people come to visit for a week or longer and practice everything from Hatha yoga to intensive meditation sessions.

If you want a spiritual experience with a loving family atmosphere, look no further. Surrounded by all the natural beauties that paradise is known for, your stay will be like nothing else.

Your days will begin with group classes offered under various systems of yoga, including Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Yin yoga. After class, you can choose to relax together in the resort’s sauna or enjoy the outdoors even more. There are also options for private lessons, extra help with exercises and meals, and assistance making personal visits.

At night, you can head out to one of the many local restaurants which offer both Indian and Western food. Or perhaps go bowling, take a ride on a horse or organize some other activity made available for tourists.

Navi Yoga

Best Yoga Retreats In India

Located inside a Hindu temple, this yoga school is run by a family-oriented group of disciples who take their jobs very seriously. Classes are highly energizing and challenging, with lots of standing poses and deep breathing. They’re easy to track down too, so if you’re after a more personal experience, your search can be over soon.

Navi Yoga offers two retreats per month, one in either Bangalore or Chennai. You will spend time practicing together every day, as well as participating in daily activities and talks related to Buddhism, philosophy, and meditation.

Accommodations are simple, but all the students I spoke with said they were satisfied with them. Most people feel like it provides enough structure while also allowing for much individual expression.

Some other benefits include weekly outdoor yoga sessions, opportunities to pursue academic studies, and access to local cafes & restaurants!

Inderal Health

Best Yoga Retreats In India

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive retreat where your every need will be met, with excellent service and amazing cost-efficiency, try Inderal Health, which offers residential yoga therapy courses throughout India and Nepal.

What sets this place apart from other resorts is its emphasis on personalization. Each guest at Iral health is treated as an individual, and guides them through their program based on their needs and priorities.

This may include medical professionals, lifestyle experts, or family members. For instance, some people might work with a therapist to manage any mental obstacles they are facing, while others may have extra time to relax before their workouts.

Both teams behind Iral health seem happy to help others realize their dreams, and wish everyone the best of luck on their journey!

The Sacred Zendo

Best Yoga Retreats In India

Located in the lush mountain village of Rangachak, The Sacred Zendo is an organic retreat center surrounded by the indigenous San Juan people villages of Terai. While here you will enjoy a variety of yoga practices taught by trained teachers who are also practitioners of mindfulness.

The most popular program at The Sacred Zendo is their four-week Meditation Immersion Program held every summer and fall. This intensive immersion offers participants a chance to learn meditation techniques like mindfulness and mantra, as well as other complementary traditions such as yoga and Buddhism.

Cost for the Meditative Immersion Program starts at $3,250 (€2,700) which includes six days of practice and seven nights' lodging.

Practitioners from all over the world come to this unique centre to reconnect with themselves and live out their own vision.

There is no charge for any part of the programme. You can work or relax, eat or exercise, talk or meditate as you please.

Masala Peak

Best Yoga Retreats In India

Located in the Himalayan mountains, at 12,000 feet above sea level, is this wonderful yoga retreat center. It offers several different types of classes including vinyasa flow, yoga nidra and restorative poses.

Each class is taught by an experienced instructor who wants you to experience all that the mountain scene has to offer.

Accommodations are comfortable and clean. Surround yourself with other people wanting to relax and focus on their wellness goals.

Breakfast is included in the price for both residents and guests. Lunch is offered either as cafeteria style or some times cooking lessons, and dinner is provided when you stay late.

Nightlife consists of wine time and meditation courses. You can also join community activities like going to parks, hiking, fishing, and learning Spanish. All ages enjoy having fun while staying here!

Masala Peak is close to everything and provides many opportunities to explore health benefits from walking, photography, swimming, and more. Horse riding, golfing, and hot-air ballooning are just some of the additional activities available near the resort.

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