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Best Yoga Retreat in India

Banyan Tree

Best Yoga Retreat in India

Located in the heart of the city, Banyan Tree is an ideal place to relax and revitalize after a long day. The resort offers various treatments including yoga classes for a fee.

Tranquilized guests can enjoy the courtyard, which houses a large pool with adjacent meditation spaces, or retreat to one of the private rooms, all of which come with handmade furniture. Private rooms include Queen’s Bedroom, King’s Suite, Premier Room, and Ambassador’s Suite.

Families will love having access to separate bedrooms as well as the housekeeping services. When asked about their favorite part of our stay, everyone replied, “The beautiful garden and room service”.

All meal times are optional depending on your preferences. Complimentary breakfast is included in all rates, as well as morning tea.


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Lotus Peace Palace

Best Yoga Retreat in India

Situated in the town of Rishikesh, this tranquil retreat is home to various spiritual practices such as Iyengar yoga. Classrooms are used for regular yoga classes, while the sanctuary holds weekend retreats.

Lotus Peace Palace is organized around several connected meditation caves, with soothing water features throughout. Each cave houses numerous seats for practitioners wishing to meditate.

The palace was built by Richard Branson’s company in 2008, as a retirement gift to help support the local community. You can visit the peace palace via public transport by boarding an autorickshaw (three-wheel motor vehicle) that will take you there.

Do keep in mind that there are no roads leading up to the place, so you must come here either on a bicycle or via footpath.

The Oberlo Grand Hotel

Best Yoga Retreat in India

If you are looking for a luxury yoga retreat in India, then the Oberlo Grand Hotel is one of my favorite places to take a vacation. It’s setting is part what has made it popular over the past few years – it sits right by the pool and next to lots of beautiful gardens. But there’s also heaps to do around the hotel, including hiking, wine tours and white water rafting.

If you only have a short time frame, no worries. They offer several private rooms that you can book for an afternoon or weekend getaway. I would recommend their Studio C where you can relax with tea in your hand after a busy day of exploration.

They also have some fun invigorating group classes like Hiit Gym and Prenvention which are great ways to enjoy fitness without feeling too hardcore.

Overall, this place delivers on its name– going up, not down. You feel relaxed and happy here, which is exactly how you want to feel.

Rama Mandir

Rama Mandir is one of the most popular yoga retreat centers in Gujarat, India. It is located on the banks of the Sabarmati River, about two hours from Ahmedabad.

Rama Mandir was built during the reign of King Khadak Shah I (also known as ‘the Great’). At that time, there were no written scriptures – only rules taught by elders who knew traditionary medicine.

Today, this sacred space still feels like it comes straight from heaven. Everything is designed to help you relax and unwind, including soothing baths, aromatic steam rooms, professional massage therapy, and meditation halls.

But what makes Rama Mandir truly unique is its individual attention. Each guest is given a personal tour and introduced to the place, before they arrive.

When guests arrive, they can rely on friendly staff members to make sure their needs are met. On request, these employees will arrange free yoga classes, show tourists around, advise them on things to do in the area, and even take them out for dinner.

Overall, your stay at Rama Mandir would be filled with relaxing activities and beautiful scenery. You also have easy access to some of the best beaches and scenic views in the region.

Sadashiv Rao Cottage

Best Yoga Retreat in India

A three-day yoga retreat takes you to a magical place called Rajasthan Hippy Zone (the capital of desert rock). Nestled in the mountains, this serene farm holds spectacular festivals throughout the year.

The view from your room or cottage is truly something wonderful. Later, after taking a shower, walking around the property, and having tea/coffee in bed, it’s hard to imagine that you are actually in Asia!

Filled with natural beauty and breathtaking views, the ranch offers comfortable accommodations along with plenty of opportunities to explore the region.

No matter what time of day, the location is perfect for anyone interested in hiking, mountain biking, swimming, or simply enjoying a relaxing environment.

Shri Krishna

Best Yoga Retreat in India

Located in the Himalayan foothills of Madhya Pradesh, Shri Krishna is a lively spiritual center for yoga meditation. This peaceful retreat provides views of the countryside and a large indoor gym with all sorts of workout equipment. The lodge also offers daily group classes with professional teachers.

Accommodations consist of private rooms in dorm-style apartments that share a common bathroom. Each apartment has its own patio or balcony area.

The food at Shri Krishna follows a traditional Indian diet. You will often find recipes like hummus, parsley rice, and lemon juice served with quinoa. Yogis can enjoy learning more about this healthy lifestyle by attending weekly talks hosted by instructors.

Because it’s such a remote location, there are few distractions here so you’ll have plenty of time to relax and destress. In addition to your room, pay attention to what you eat!

White Tigers

Best Yoga Retreat in India

Located inside the Ranthambore National Park, White Tiger is an incredible four-star resort that offers both yoga retreats and personalized wildlife tours.

Set against the scenic backdrop of the mighty Himalayas and endless acres of unspoiled natural beauty, this luxurious hideaway is a great way to relax and unwind.

Ideal for people who love adventure while staying at home, this unique accommodation provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities.

Those looking for a relaxing getaway can take their time to visit nearby towns and explore the surrounding areas.

People who want a different experience can sign up for one of many interesting guided walks that cover all kinds of exciting topics, from birdwatching to tiger spotting!

Yoga House

Best Yoga Retreat in India

If you are looking for an ultimate yoga retreat in India, then there is only one name that comes to mind – Yogahouse. Located just outside of Rishikesh, this ashram offers daily Hatha and Yin yoga sessions as well as guided meditation practices.

All these activities are conducted by trained yogasanas. Each session begins with a short warm-up followed by various poses that improve balance and flexibility. The workouts enhance your body’s natural defenses against stress and tension.

Most guests at Yogashous come here to learn yoga, but they also attend workshops and classes designed to strengthen your arms, legs, shoulders, and back. You can even have a teeth cleaning or dental work done.

The food is both nourishing and halal, and many members of the staff are Muslim. Accommodations feature colorful decor and comfortable furnishings. Most rooms open onto verandas or garden areas.

Yogahousel has its own library of yoga videos, so if you don’t like what you learned today, you can always check out someone else’s practice.

Your Hotel

Best Yoga Retreat in India

If you are staying at your hotel, you can offer help with their room service, laundry services, or other activities they may need. You can also make new friends to enjoy while you are here.

Your diet

If you are not used to eating Indian food, there are many places where you can choose what you want to eat. But don’t worry if you love your meals, there are hundreds of restaurants that serve amazing cuisine.

Most stores open at noon every day, so during lunch break you can go out for a walk or do some shopping. Many shops also keep late hours, so you can shop until midnight.

You can find anything you wish to eat or drink by going online. There are dozens of websites offering everything from drinks deals to discounts on things like haircuts. Keep an eye out for promotions as they arise, and check out your favorite brands website to see whether you could get any special offers.

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